Our Mission:

To be the world's leading authentic grassroots sports company, building strong relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical environment. To inform, inspire and innovate.

Spedster Soccer factory: Among the very few in Pakistan offering all three kinds of productions units, Thermo ball, Hand sewn and Machine stitched, we boast about our timely and effective production in Soccer balls. The factory is located in Sialkot , Pakistan and offers high quality Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Handball, Sala ball, Mini ball, Futsal Ball,Basket ball, Rugby ball, Promotional ball, Goal keeper glove, Goal Keeper Gloves.

Spedster Apparel factory: This factory is also located in Sialkot, Pakistan and offers all kinds of martial arts wear including Soccer wear, Karate, Judo, Taekwando, Sambo, Ninja and Kung fu suites and their related belts.

Spedster Boxing & MMA factory: Spedster also has vast experience of Supplying Boxing gloves of all kinds,boxing focus mitts, MMA Gloves, Shin in Step pads, Boxing Shoes, gymnastic shoes,taekwando shoes,kick boxing shoes,finger bag mitt,karate mitt,cut finger mitt,Boxing head guard,Boxing kick Shield, Taekwondo racket, Boxing groin and chest guards, safety supporters,Weight lifting gloves and weight liftig belts,boxing cotton bandages,boxing short and vest,thai boxing short,kick boxing short,boxing gown.

Based in Dubai with its own Manufacturing units in Sialkot Pakistan, Spedster sports was founded in 1979 by the Khawaja family to provide soccer players with equipment and information unavailable else where in Middle east, Africa and Russia. Since our first soccer ball left the warehouse. Spedster Sports has worked to promote the game of soccer at all levels and to educate players, coaches and their families about soccer and its equipment. Along with soccer we continued to expand widely and wisely, making our name know in the feild of Martial art wear and Boxing equipments.

The Website: SPEDSTERSPORTS.COM: The website features a wide selection of top-of the line soccer, gloves and merchandise to be used by one and many. spedstersports.com serves as an important communication vehicle between our factory and International traders, importers and wholesalers. We carry the largest selection of soccer gear, martial art wear and boxing equipments and we also strive for fabled service and delivery that is unmatched in the sports world.

Overall spedstersports.com offers:

Online booking from www.spedstersports.com and we can send counter samples for approval.
Customization of your brand or logo.
Wholesalers and Retailers an opportunity to buy online and get delivery worldwide from our Dubai warehouse.
A huge and wide range of other sports goods of different and famous sports brands.
Outsourcing of your other sports needs through our Pakistan factory.
A reliable and trustworthy partner for your business growth.

There's one simple reason we are one of the best sports companies on the planet: we have the pure passion of Sports.(Spedster)